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Museums and Collections


Port Louis, Mauritius
Caudan Waterfront, Port Louis

Blue Penny Museum
Caudan Waterfront
Port Louis, Mauritius

In November, 2001, The Mauritius Commercial Bank has opened a museum known as the Blue Penny Museum. This is the first philatelic museum in the country.

Known as the 1d Post Office and 2d Post Office, these are the first issues of Mauritius. These two stamps fetched US$2 million on November 10, 1993 at an auction in Switzerland. The successful bidder was a consortium of Mauritian companies headed by The Mauritius Commercial Bank, comprising Air Mauritius, Beachcomber, Currimjee Jeewanjee, Espitalier-Noël, Floréal, General Construction, Happy World, Harel, IBL, J.Kalachand, Mauritius Breweries, Rogers, Sun Resort, Swan, and West East

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Great Britain

British Library, London

The British Library at St Pancras

British Library Philatelic Collections
96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB
Tel: +44 20 7412 7635
Fax: +44 20 7412 7780

The exhibition was originally based on the superb material in the Tapling Collection, the only major whole world 19th collection still in existence.

The Chand Collection

The Collection is on loan from Mr. Vikram Chand and is of the locally produced postage stamps of Mauritius from 1848 to 1859 used on cover to show use and aspects of the postal history.


Tapling Collection

Was formed by T K Tapling and bequeathed in 1891. It is probably the only major collection formed during the nineteenth century which is still intact. Its coverage is worldwide for the period 1840 to 1890, and is virtually complete in all basic issues; it also has a large section of postal stationery. Apart from the rarities, the collection is strong in unused examples, with excellent ranges of shades, and includes numerous covers, blocks, essays and proofs. The rarities include the Mauritius: 1847 1d used on cover, 2d unused (the 'Post Office' issue).

Mosely Collection

Formed by Dr Mosely and presented in 1946 by Mrs K Cunningham, the Mosely Collection is of British Africa issues to 1935. Being mainly unused, its particular strength is material from the Cape of Good Hope, Mauritius and Rhodesia


The Royal Philatelic Collection

The Royal Philatelic Collection gems include Penny Black Proofs, the Edward VII 2d Tyrian Plum, the Bermuda 'Postmasters' and probably the most valuable stamp in the Collection - the Post Office Mauritius. Although it is difficult to put a precise value on many of the items in the Collection, that of the Post Office Mauritius is in seven figures.
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An unused imprimatur for the 1840 Penny Black. The uniform charging of the Penny Post was introduced in January of that year although stamps did not appear until May. Previously, postage had been calculated by distance.


Museum voor Communicatie Den Haag

Museum voor Communicatie
Zeestraat 80-82
NL- 2518 AD Den Haag.
Tel: + 31 70 330 7500
e-mail: info@muscom.nl
internet: www.muscom.nl

Includes a 1847 Post Office 2d unused. Good web site.



The Postal Museum of Stockholm

The Postal Museum of Stockholm
Lilla Nygatan 6,
Box 2002
103 11 Stockholm
Tel: +46 8781 1756
Fax: +46 820 5426

One of the 2 Post Office Stamps in Stockholm
One of the Post Office Stamps in Stockholm (Reproduction on a Post Card)

Postal Museum & Library (on line catalogue) situated in a beautiful building from the 1630s. Until 1869 it was the only post office in Stockholm. Displays follow postal history on foot, horseback, coach, train and mail ship. There are permanent displays from the philatelic collections covering production and printing techniques and a 50,000 volume library with public reading room. Collections include Swedish mint stamps from 1855-1993, Finland 1891-1950 and stamps from other Nordic countries. The Treasury has some real rarities including three letter stamps, the oldest (1686) remaining in the world. Also the unique letter with 6-skilling banco stamps sent from Stockholm to London in 1858; and two Mauritius 1847 "Post Office" stamps.
Library : biblioteket@postnet.se
Museum : postmuseum@postnet.se


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