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Shreves Philatelic Galleries
Results of Auction 46 - December 7, 2001
Auction Description
Lot 1774
#6a, 1854-57 2p Blue on bluish paper, early intermediate impression, exquisite sharp impression showing all the details and deepness of the engraving with only the slightest hint of wear, bright evenly printed color, full to large margins, tied to piece by "1" in two rings cancel, very fine and choice (S.G. #14; 2,250).
Lot 1775
#14B, 1859 2p Blue on bluish, early impression engraved by Lapirot, bright color, sharp impression yielding all the detailed engraving of the crosshatching, large margins all around and the barred oval obliterator leaves most of the face clear, trivial corner crease at outer extremity of the top left corner is well away from the design, very fine and choice; clear 1966 RPS certificate (S.G. #37; 1,600).

Lot 1776
#15, 1859 2p Deep blue on bluish, re-engraved by Sherwin, characteristic intense color and heavy but detailed impression indicative of the re-engraving of Barnard's original 1848 plate, which had become worn beyond use, full to large margins and target cancel, a few minute pinholes as is frequently encountered on this thin paper, otherwise very fine; clear 1966 RPS certificate (S.G. #40; 4,000).


Lot 1777
#16, 1859 1p Vermilion, lovely used single lithographed by Dardenne, brilliant rich color on white paper, large margins all around, neatly cancelled by barred oval obliterator, very fine (S.G. #42; 750)
$ 1,800

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